Helping you to improve the energy efficiency of your home

ECO4 is a government backed scheme supporting low-income households just like yours to keep heating bills as low as possible. Energy efficient homes are cheaper to run and lead to a happier quality of life.

As the Government works towards key carbon reduction targets, grants have been made available for insulation and sustainable heating installation. You do not need to be on benefits to qualify.

To discuss the eligibility of your owned or rented property.


Improve the energy efficiency of your home 

No more days and nights spent battling the cold. Keep your home nice and cosy and reduce your energy bills with one of many energy improvement measures available.

Solar PV


Some homes will qualify for solar panels. The main way in which solar panels help to save energy is because theyremove a household's dependence on the National Grid, reducing energy consumption and saving money.



External or internal wall insulation grants will help to keep heating costslow because your boiler won't need as much energy to warm your home. Adding effective insulation means you'll not only be spending less on heating bills but also reducing your carbon footprint.


A loft insulation grant can save significant amounts of money on your fuel bills because it improves the thermal efficiency of your home. 25% of heat islost through the roof, meaning improved insulation can reduce this amount significantly.

Doors and Windows

New windows and doors in your home can help to retain heat as well as improving comfort while helping to reduce your energy bills. It can also help with a reduction in noise pollution and reduced condensation

Apply for ECO4 funding: how the ECO4 scheme is helping families like yours to cope with the ongoing energy crisis

Government funding is available if your properties EPC is E, F or G banded properties